Healthier living means healthier communities.

Expand vital access to food.

Explore the many variables impacting community and public health and build engaging data stories that help you move the needle toward more equitable health outcomes.

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Expand vital access to food.

Every individual and family deserves access to healthy, affordable foods to thrive. Gather all of the most critical factors impacting food insecurity with helpful data Guides and Report Templates.

Connect knowledge and compassion.

Substance misuse and substance use disorders are major public health issues affecting millions of people nationwide, requiring a multi-faceted approach of respect, care & equity.

Create a solid plan of action.

We have worked with public health departments across the country to help them create high-powered Community Health Assessments *CHA) and Improvement Plans (CHIP) for years—and our templates have gotten an upgrade.

Meet families where they are.

Nurture the most vulnerable populations in your community's health and wellbeing with data storytelling for generations to come.

Study the world around us.

Our opportunity for health starts long before we need medical care. The environment in which we are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age can impact our quality of life and health outcomes. Informed by Healthy People 2030.


Meet your department's goals with innovative data tools.

Build Capacity for Data-White
Build Capacity for Data
From program managers to epidemiologists, everyone on your team can be a data expert.
Find Better Insights-White
Find Better Insights
Uncover trends and truths about your community that are easy for anyone to understand.
Save Time & Money Wrangling Data-White
Save Time & Money Wrangling data
Social determinants of health are only the beginning. Search over 4 billion data points from 40+ trusted sources.
Make Data-Driven Impact-White
Make Data-Driven Impact
Leverage data to make confident decisions about community needs, resources and program service areas to impact generations to come.
Become a Source of Truth-White
Become a Source of Truth
Your community is a stakeholder in its health. Build trust and transparency with accurate, reliable data that's always up to date.
Rally partners & Stakeholders Around Engaging Data-White
Engage Partners & Stakeholders
You improve health ourcomes the more you collaborate with community partners and residents. Rally everyone around shared understanding with equitable visualizations and expert insights.

Change is possible.

Make health happen.

Drive toward community health outcomes and make informed, data-driven decisions today. Really, what are you waiting for?