The platform for people who care about places.

mySidewalk's library and suite of tools are designed to help you transform communities with data-driven insights.

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The Platform

Designed to empower anyone with data-driven insights.

Whether you're making policy decisions, working on a new initiative or communicating with constituents, you care about the places you call home and the people you call neighbors.

That's why we care deeply about the quality of data and tools you rely on.

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The first step in using data to drive decisions is having it.

mySidewalk's platform houses billions of data points about people & places from trusted sources, always ready whenever you need them.

How many answers are waiting to be uncovered?

Information about communities is all around us. mySidewalk has gathered the data so you can dive right into analyzing trends, relationships, correlations, and more.

Data designed to be shared.

Whether you need a single data point for a briefing or a series of complex components and narrative, mySidewalk makes it easy to export findings and publish Reports and Dashboards that will engage any audience. 

One source for understanding your community.

With one trusted source for community-level, place-based data, you can simplify and unify decision-making—making sure you and your colleagues are on the same page.

Empower anyone to create data visualization.

Yes, anyone. Experienced analysts love us because our data is trustworthy, and our tools save them time. But with our new AI-powered assistant Sidekick, anyone in your organization can generate interactive maps, charts, and much more in just minutes or less.

A writing assistant for data-driven narratives.

Our purpose-driven use of AI helps you generate impactful data stories. Ask Sidekick to write an informed narrative or use CoWrite to add context to visualizations you create in the platform.

Public outreach made simple.

Lightweight publishing tools mean you can assemble data stories without fuss or frustration, and communicate effectively with your community. Export data, visualizations, and stories and watch insights turn into action.

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Find actionable insights in billions of data.

So much more than search.

Say goodbye to the hours, days, and weeks spent wrangling data. Explore billions of data points and get answers about your community in seconds.


Sort through billions of data by topic

Start exploring by keyword or topic with Guides that help you uncover insights from data that matters to you most.

Get quick access to key insights

Uncover a snapshot of any geography's key demographic, economic, housing, and livability insights.

Analyze like an expert

Dive into pre-built visualizations, like maps, charts, trends, distribution, and correlations.

Visualize what's happening in your community.

Bring data analyses to life.

Start from a template or build your own Reports and Dashboards to target needs and opportunities, support program initiatives, and understand your community more deeply.


Never start from a blank page

Get a head start on your data story's visualizations and quickly transition from exploration to creation.

Start from best practice 

Whether you want to focus on a single topic or weave together a robust perspective with multiple factors, we have places to tell stories rooted in equity and industry best-practices.

Zero heavy-lifting

We take care of the math so you can select and toggle between ratios, percentages, apportioned and normalized data, projections, and more.

Engage partners & stakeholders with data-driven stories.

Bring data analyses to life.

Share engaging, trustworthy data stories that help build a common understanding of your community and designed to be accessible for anyone.

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Enhance stories with AI

AI-powered features like CoWrite make it easy to understand visualizations and add narrative to Reports and Dashboards and that will resonate with any audience. 

Designed with equity in mind

The foundation of our work to democratize data is equitable access. Anyone should be able to read, engage with, and understand community data. 

Democratize data-driven confidence

Trade emotion-based decision-making for transparent data that is reliable, up-to-date, and tracked with methodology and source notation.


There's more.

We have tools designed for Changemakers of all kinds.

Say hello to Sidekick
The AI-powered community data assistant
Accelerate Workflows with WhereHouse
License & integrate our robust community data library

Put data into action.

Get more out of your data tech stack and with a platform designed to amplify your impact.

Save Time & Money Wrangling Data

"To get to the measures I wanted to have, going through what was available and narrowing it to what I needed, even when I didn't have time to go through and do it myself. Those have made it really easy, I did it all in less than an hour."

Amber Starn
Epidemiologist and Director of Community Health and Evaluation, Charles County

Become a Source of Truth

"Everybody is going to the convoluted sites, figuring out what to do, doing it slightly differently. It's like 800 different flavors of ice cream. mySidewalk provides us a streamlined data source for the overwhelming majority of our data needs. Everyone now is talking apples to apples."

Golareh Agha
Chief of Informatics, San Antonio Metropolitan Health Department

Find Better Insights

"The MPO has been very pleased with its purchase of mySidewalk. Using this tool helps us create better transparency, increase stakeholder buy-in, and saves us several hours a week."

Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization

Build a Data Culture

"To really understand our communities, we need data. That's where mySidewalk comes in. I have the numbers, I have the demographics, and it's all in one place. It's all complete and right there."

Sophie Wolf
Director of Communications, Community Foundation of Mississippi

Engage Partners

"It creates another level of credibility for KABOOM!, but it also creates a level of connection with the individual because they can see it. To bring up mySidewalk, show them the maps, create them in real-time, and then you see the light bulb come on. You see the smiles."

Issac Castillo, Senior Advisor of Learning & Evaluation, KABOOM!

Make a Data-Driven Impact

“I think PIPI has been a catalytic tool for getting people internally at KABOOM! excited about data. It’s the first time people are actively coming to us with requests to see data, to learn more about how we’re using it. Folks on our senior team are excited about it, our board’s excited about it.


Powered by the most robust community data library on the planet

5+ Billion Community Data Points

Meticulously quality assured and maintained by data experts.

50+ Trusted Community Data Sources

Gathered in one place for compatible correlations and analyses.

16 Levels of Geographic Granularity

Calculated for communities down to the Census Block Group.

Automatic mySidewalk Data Updates

Updated with the most recent data releases and additions.

Unique & Proprietary Public Data

Transformed from raw data tables into compatible, ready-to-use data.

Built & Maintained by Experts

Supported by a team of data and industry partners here to help.

Don't just take our word for it.

Read more of what our customers say about us.

“I've told colleagues and partners about mySidewalk. I shared how great the product is and how the team has been so incredible. To do my job effectively, I need impactful data that will help me make a case for my work. I also need to be able to get that information quickly. mySidewalk gives me both.”
Jeanette Metzler
“I like the concept of telling stories, because a lot of our data comes from different partners, different sources. [Data storytelling] pulls it all together and shows what can do to create impact.”
Diana Prieto
Florida Department of Health in Duval County
“One part of the request wanted data for 37 counties in south Texas. Specifically, the percentage of uninsured for each county and a breakdown based on race/ethnicity. I easily created a table and downloaded a spreadsheet within an hour or so. If I had to do this manually using US Census Bureau ACS, I would need several hours. Thanks for the great product!”
Tina Lopez
San Antonio Metro Health District
“Using this tool helps us create better transparency, increase stakeholder buy-in, and saves us several hours a week. It’s just so user-friendly and easy for us to use. We also love that the data is easy to share and download. Those things are huge value-adds for us.”
Paul Flavien
Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization
“For me, making an impact is people actually looking at the dashboard and using what's there, whether it's using it to start a conversation, downloading the link and sending it to someone else — to use the information that's on the site.”
Lynn Kennedy
Florida Department of Health in Volusia County
“If I'm creating visualizations, mySidewalk helps simplify that process a bit. I'm able to customize it pretty easily — the title, the colors, the geographies and the labels are pretty straightforward to use.”
Stephen Ma
Baltimore City Health Department
“A big thanks to our friends at mySidewalk who made the creation of the dashboard for our Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) both easy and attractive.” 
Northern Kentucky Health Department

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