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Explore the most critical community data organized by topic to uncover insights, build engaging stories, and make equitable development decisions and invest in growth opportunities.

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Level the playing field.

How and what we build should take all people into account. We make it easy to create entire data stories that help you identify areas where the justice index is high and leverage them in your work to lower it.

Help people get where they're going.

From safe sidewalks and bike lanes to accessible public transit and traffic, you can understand how residents and visitors navigate resources in areas of your community. 

Our newest Transportation Access & Safety Guide gathers the most critical data. Want a sneak peek?

Improve funding opportunities.

Leverage apportionable data to win and allocate Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) support and resources that can help make transformative impacts on your community.


Meet your organization's goals with innovative data tools.

Save Time & Money Wrangling Data-White
Save Time & Money Wrangling Data
Equitable community and environmental development requires us to look at the entire picture. Explore over 4 billion data points from 40+ trusted sources in one data library, including property data describing the built environment.
Find Better Insights-White
Find Better Insights
Uncover trends and truths about your community and environment that make it easy for anyone to engage with and understand your data stories.
Build Capacity for Data-White
Build Capacity for Data
From program managers and planning directors to outreach specialists, residents and public leaders, you can grant anyone on your team—no matter their data expertise.
Become a Source of Truth-White
Become a Source of Truth
The strongest communities come together by building trust and transparency with accurate, reliable data that are always up-to-date and ready to explore.
Rally partners & Stakeholders Around Engaging Data-White
Engage Partners & Stakeholders
Rally everyone around a shared understanding of community and environmental development needs with eye-catching insights and visualizations.
Make Data-Driven Impact-White
Make a Data-Driven Impact
Leverage data storytelling to make confident decisions that put equity at the center of strategic development and investment plans.

Get inspired by Changemakers like you.

Broward County

A clear path to mobile equity

To guide their planning efforts, the Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization created a data story build on an environmental justice index focused on intersection transportation and demographic data.

See Broward County's Dashboard →


Understanding environmental health

Combining environmental, socioeconomic, and demographic data, Weber-Morgan's health department addressed impacts and opportunities for more equitable industry development and policy.

See Weber-Morgan's Dashboard →


A clear path to mobile equity

On a mission to provide all children with equitable and accessible playspaces, KABOOM! developed its Playspace Inequity Prioritization Index. With recognition from the White House's Challenge to End Hunger and Build Health Community initiative, they're making data-driven change across the county.

Read KABOOM!'s Changemaker Story →


Reaching equitable allocation & connections

Building a data-driven culture and improving digital inclusion is no small task. The Community Foundation for Mississippi builds engaging data stories to help communicate needs across the state and transparently target funding to communities that need it most.

Read Mississippi's Changemaker Story →

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