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Data Story

Leveraging data against rising heat

Fort Worth Planning & Neighborhood Services Department
To tackle life-threatening issues like heat and understand who in its community is most vulnerable to harsh risks, Fort Worth, Texas used the HUD Community Resiliency Toolkit as their starting point to make strategic decisions at the neighborhood level.

Data Story

Strengthing existing community infrastructure

San Antonio Metro Health
In efforts to strengthen their community and dismantle health inequities, San Antonio's SA Forward Strategic Plan has developed transparency and data-driven support for everything from access to care, data and technology infrastructure, mental health, social justice, community resiliency, and more.

Data Story

Data-driven education for generations

University of Kansas Center for Public Partnership & Research
Investing in the wellbeing, health, and education of children has the potential to transform communities for generations to come. As a part of the All in for Kansas Kids initiative, mySidewalk's Press Generator enables anyone to understand and develop strong, data-driven plans to support children and families across Kansas.

Changemaker Study

Reaching equitable allocation and connections

Community Foundation for Mississippi
Building a data-driven culture and improving digital inclusion is no small task but the Community Foundation for Mississippi leverages mySidewalk to build impactful data stories to help them better understand needs across the state and allocate funding to communities that need it most.


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