Housing Security

Open doors with data.

Look beyond supply and demand to uncover needs and provide housing that makes a difference.

Ripple effects of data-driven equity

Having a safe, affordable home over your head and a place to call home contributes to overall wellbeing and lifts huge burdens from families and individuals. 

Explore community data and the world around us with seamless data storytelling tools.

Browser window featuring a bivariate map featuring Chicago, Illinois' vacant housing units and air toxic cancer risk environmental justice index.

Interest Areas

Drive initiatives with data stories that engage.

Healthy, affordable neighborhoods are often ones that thrive. Help your community build equitable foundations with data stories that are easy for anyone to understand about the things that matter most.

Change is possible.

Get inspiration from mySidewalk users leveraging the power of data storytelling.

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Changemaker Study

Generating housing equity across the plains

Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
The Nebraska Investment Finance Authority's Press Generator is designed with unique requirements and benchmarks to make it quick and easy for any community in the state to understand its housing needs.

Changemaker Study

Scoring made simple

Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority
Indiana is showing states around the country how data storytelling tools can transform its Qualified Allocation Plan process and identify development opportunities across the state. By combining local data and unique scoring theories with trusted sources in mySidewalk's platform, they're identifying opportunities and making data-driven decisions.
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Changemaker Study

Building capacity within the league

National League of Cities
Solving for affordable housing is now vital for generations to come. Learn how the National League of Cities is helping towns and cities across the country access mySidewalk's data tools to inform critical decisions on programs, investments, and the impacts of housing stability in your community.
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Changemaker Study

Building health on data-driven foundation

The intersections of health and housing greatly impact communities and the families who live in them. mySidewalk's data storytelling dashboards make complex information about multiple factors and topics easy for anyone to engage with and understand.


Meet your organizations goals with innovative data tools.

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