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Meet Sidekick, your AI-powered data assistant.

All you have to do is ask.

In plain language, tell Sidekick what you want to know and get answers straight from the mySidewalk data library.

Sidekick will recommend data, find facts, and create visualizations that work best for your problem, project, or goal.


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Make confident, data-driven decisions on demand.

Sidekick uses artificial intelligence to eliminate the technical barriers to exploring and visualizing data so you can make decisions on pressing community issues – from infrastructure planning to public health initiatives – rooted in a data-informed understanding of community strengths and needs.

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Visualize data to find insights.

Sidekick helps you find actionable insights by generating interactive maps and graphs in seconds, enabling you to dive deeper into issues like affordable housing, inclusive growth and social determinants of health — not get stuck in the ins-and-outs of mapmaking.

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Write compelling data stories.

Sidekick is a strong writing partner, helping you distill complex data topics into clear and concise explanations and turn data into stories that inspire action.

You can request an outline for a compelling data story, easy-to-read key takeaways, and advice to frame findings for diverse audiences.

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Get the best out of Sidekick.

There are countless ways to leverage Sidekick's intelligence. We've broken down the best of them in a new blog series featuring stories from users tackling challenges in communities similar to your own.

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Simplify Data Access for Everyone

Leverage an intuitive interface and natural language to overcome the first hurdle for any decision and access data from the most relevant and trusted sources.

Provide Trusted & Transparent Analytics

Make confident decisions and share insights from expertly verified, reliable data that adheres to intentional AI principles and accessibility.

Publish & Persuade with Data

Move quickly from insight to action, share results, inform stakeholders, and craft compelling narratives contextualized to reach the widest audience possible.

Elevate & Amplify Your Impact

Enhance your work with a trusted data assistant that helps you unlock your capacity and potential, so you can focus on the impactful work only you can do.

Beta Feedback

People are already talking about Sidekick.

“Sidekick to me is like a librarian at the New York Public Library, just multiplied by 100. It's like asking the most knowledgeable librarian you've ever met, 'Hey, I have this question.' And then the person is like, 'Here, you need this book. And not just this book, but this page, and this thing on that page. And you know what, we'll put it together for you.'”
"I used to work in data fluency in my former life. And in data fluency, it's: access, understand, and use. Rinse and repeat. So often we'll hear from people, 'Okay, I have it and I still don't know how to read it or analyze it, or you know, what does this mean?' That's what Sidekick unlocks, real advocacy."
“What I love about Sidekick is that it prevents me from having to bother our epidemiologists to find something. They have their own projects and work, and sometimes, to be honest, it's like the night before and I need it the next day. So the ability to get personalized answers like that—this is what I was hoping it could be like.”

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