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Because everyone should have the ability to access & use the data they need.

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Changemakers believe in using the right data and technology to transform the places they care about into thriving communities.

As your partner in this mission, mySidewalk helps amplify your ability to drive meaningful and sustainable change with unmatched data-driven support.

"I would tell someone on the fence about mySidewalk to definitely give them a try. It will open their eyes and give them a better picture of what’s going on in their community."
Kathleen Anderson

Director of Community Benefits, Holyoke Medical Center

"The Iowa Profile is essential for making data-driven decisions and taking a holistic approach to community development. The tool is available for public use and provides essential information for designing strategic solutions to foster opportunities for Iowans, communities and businesses to thrive.”
Debi Durham

Director, Iowa Finance Authority and Iowa Economic Development Authority

“Having the ability to create dashboards and share vital data and information on our city and business community allows us to message our work in ways we haven’t before. This helps us in all aspects, whether it be demonstrating our quality of life or helping to attract talent to business retention and expansion opportunities. mySidewalk helps us simplify the way we share information in a single, easy-to-use solution.”
Overland Park Chamber of Commerce
“It just clicked with me very quickly that if we have the ability to take our data and plug it into [the mySidewalk] map, and display the results on a county by county or, in our case, a census tract by census tract format, I saw great opportunity there.”
Stephen Enz

Real Estate Policy and Data Manager, Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority

"We're in like this data renaissance right now. How do we become more proactive rather than reactive? So like using AI and like looking at the data and seeing what, you know, we do in a workshop with the council, what trends can we look at on the data to see, what should we be paying attention to?"
Kate Parmelee

Director of Strategic Initiatives & Innovation, City of Port St. Lucie

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Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the world around us. Our team is committed to embracing innovation responsibly and transparently to amplify the impact of Changemakers everywhere.

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