We've encoded our collective knowledge into powerful data tools.

Having data isn't enough. To truly democratize data, you need powerful tools and resources that help you put data to work in your community.

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Our development philosphy is to "encode expertise."

Put another way, we endeavor to infuse our years of experience and the collective wisdom of our thousands of community changemakers into the most impactful tools and resources.

That's why the mySidewalk platform is the platform for people who care about places.

All of our collected knowledge

Encoded into data tools and resources.

The mySidewalk platform is an all-in-one solution for unparalleled access to community data, powerful community insights, and accessible data visualizations for individuals and teams to transform their communities through data-driven storytelling and informed decision-making. 

Subject Matter Expertise

Meticulously researched data, topical guides, templates, and storytelling best practices

No-Code Software Tools

Software tools for intuitive data exploration, code-free mapping and visualization, and accessible, mobile-friendly publishing

A Community of Practice

Join a thriving community of Changemakers working to improve communities across the United States

Packages for your unique data journey

We're here to help.

Get started with powerful community data tools with a subscription to mySidewalk.