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Use data to help people make connections.

Visualize a community on the move.

See where residents in your community are going and how they get there. Create maps and charts that feature ridership, operational efficiency, labor benchmarks, and more.

Create innovative transportation plans that take everyone into account.

Plenty has changed when it comes to transportation prioritization in the last 60 years. Uncover insights that will help you create equitable plans that revolve around accessibility and meet people where they are.

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Assess transportation plans with clear scoring.

Take advantage of increased funding opportunities to shed weeks of data collection and align on a scoring analysis in minutes. Enable your team to review impactful projects by type and geographical areas to help your community take the best next step.

Turnkey Transportation Solutions

Help your community

Help your community get where it’s going with ready-to-use, self-updating dashboards.

  • Transportation Performance Dashboard

  • Environmental Justice Analysis

  • Long-Range Transportation Plan

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Why mySidewalk?

Community Transportation Tools

  • Seek


    The fastest way to find social drivers of health in every community you serve. Search across 40+ sources – including HUD, EPA, and USDA – at 16 levels of geography – including block groups, Census tracts, ZIP codes, and neighborhoods – to multiply the capacity of your team to find the most relevant data.

  • Chart


    The easiest way to map local resources and community improvement opportunities. Connect data to people by publishing beautiful, interactive, and ADA-compliant stories that use best-in-class data visualizations and storytelling to educate and advocate.

  • Press


    The most engaging way to share stories to support community development opportunities. Everyone deserves access to the data that can guide their mission and motivate an audience. Help your partners or the public engage with a shared narrative of need and opportunity through data storytelling.

  • WhereHouse


    The world’s largest library of community data– enriched by time, place, and purpose. Add 1.4 billion data points to your own data science environment and enhance your community’s trajectory.

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Stephany De Scisciolo

Stephany De Scisciolo

Enterprise Community Partners

Working with mySidewalk has allowed us to operationalize community data in a way that’s accessible to everyone who reviews it. mySidewalk really democratizes data. They don’t just publish information, they help you understand it.

Juliann Van Liew

Juliann Van Liew

WYCO UG Public Health Dept

The most important thing for me, as the dashboard point person within our health department, was that I didn't have to build it alone. I was able to do it in concert with a team of folks who were invested in ensuring we ended up with a high quality product.

Paul Flavien

Paul Flavien

Broward Metropolitan Planning Org

Using this tool helps us create better transparency, increase stakeholder buy-in, and saves us several hours a week. It’s just so user-friendly and easy for us to use. We also love that the data is easy to share and download. Those things are huge value-adds for us.

Silvio Lanzas

Silvio Lanzas

Glendale Fire Department

The most measurable impact has been the reduction in our turnout times. But, I would go a little deeper and say that it has helped me change the culture of our organization. mySidewalk has allowed me to show why we do what we do--and that’s a big, big impact.

Mark Barham

Mark Barham

City of Williamsburg, Virginia

One of the big reasons we chose mySidewalk were all of these incredible datasets that they provide. The federal and state-level demographic information is so helpful. Our previous tool didn’t offer that kind of out-of-the-box data; we wouldn’t have known where to find it, even if we’d had the time to look – which we didn’t.


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