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Social Determinants of Health

Every domain of SDoH at your fingertips.

From our library of 4+ billion data points, we gather the most relevant social determinants of health data making it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

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Our SDoH data is aligned and organized by domain so you can find the exact data you're looking for to track and measure focused efforts to improve contributing factors to health.

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Neighborhood & Built Environment

Health is all around us.

When you know where the built environment is—or isn't—supporting health in your community, you can create programs that encourage multimodal transportation and improve traffic safety, provide more affordable housing, and build social spaces like parks to better community health.

Healthy Housing
Property Data
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Home is where the heart is. 

The places we call home most certainly impact our health and organizations across the country are working to ensure their communities provide housing that contributes to positive health outcomes. 

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Take stock of health.

Understand how the existing infrastructure and housing in your community influence health community data describing people alongside the built environment with property data that covers every parcel in the United States.

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Far far away, behind the word mountains

Vitalyst Health leverages our data library and storytelling platform to find the data they need and build engaging data stories that make a difference, improving community health across Arizona.

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Economic Stability

Nurture thriving, healthy communities.

Financial security improves our physical and mental health outcomes. Imagine if no one in your community had to choose between needs like medical care, food, rent, childcare, and other necessities. How might that impact the need and demand for assistance and resources?
Affordable Housing
Workforce Preparedness
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Housing Security-2

Housing for all.

Homes we can afford can alleviate the financial burdens many Americans face, including choices between rent and mortgages and healthcare, medicine, and rising food costs.

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Today's workforce, tomorrow's economy.

The workforce of a community is the primary driver of economic success in a region. Our new Workforce Preparedness Guide gives insight into a community's workforce, aiding leaders in making decisions about where to invest resources to improve the economic well-being of their community.

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Improving economic health with data.

Florida's Clay County addresses the economic needs of its vulnerable populations with its engaging Community Health Improvement Plan that partners and anyone in its community can understand.

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Healthcare Access & Quality

Health is all around us.

High-quality SDoH data and powerful storytelling are critical to providing better care, equitably preventing disease, and addressing social factors impacting health outcomes. mySidewalk makes it all simple.

Place-Based Patient Data
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WhereHouse (1)

License a robust data library.

Our library, WhereHouse, can transform how healthcare providers and coverage agencies interact with and support patients. Leverage more than 5 billion cross-referenced and high-quality community data points from more than 50 trusted sources today.

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Neighborhood health matters.

Helping neighborhoods around California generate data stories about local health factors and outcomes has enabled communities big and small to address community health needs, comply with state reporting requirements, and more.

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Social & Community Context

Healthy populations start with connected communities.

The connections we make with people and resources have a profound impact on our individual and collective journeys toward health— and with data storytelling, people become more than numbers.
Mental Health & Loneliness
Digital Inclusion
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Mental Health

Looking out for loneliness.

Mental health impacts individuals and communities as a whole. Those working to foster a strong sense of belonging to improve health outcomes are looking to data.

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Send modern, healthy signals.

Having access and being connected to the modern digital world is critical to one's ability to access resources, social spaces, and education. Our Guide breaks it down.

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See the people in the numbers.

Community Health Assessments that use social determinants of health data can help communities see themselves in the numbers. In Johnson County, mySidewalk helps the community understand insights about its most vulnerable populations and serious factors impacting their health and wellbeing.

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Educational Access & Quality

Nurture thriving, healthy communities.

Ensuring all children and students are supported and prepared for their futures with the education they deserve can have lasting impacts on physical and mental wellbeing, health literacy, life expectancy, and so much more.

Graduation & Educational Attainment
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Leverage data about learning.

Ensuring everyone in your community has the ability to achieve their full potential with a high-quality education is important for health and so much more. Take a closer look at our education data.

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Education for eternal health.

Making connections between things like education attainment and life expectancy can be critical for states like Arizona to tell strong data stories and advocate for community resources. 

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Healthy lives mean thriving communities.

Get the full picture on health, wellbeing & satisfaction.