Social Determinants of Health

Health equity is possible.

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We have the data storytelling tools to help you make it happen.
Explore the many variables impacting community and public health, and build engaging data stories that help you move the needle toward more equitable health outcomes.


  • Neighborhood & Built Environment
  • Economic Stability
  • Healthcare Access & Quality
  • Social & Community Context
  • Educational Access & Quality
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Neighborhood & Built Environment

Health is all around us.

Tell powerful data stories about how your community’s surroundings impact health and begin to inform how the physical and social environments we create can support everyone’s ability to reach their health potential.
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Economic Stability

Nurture thriving, health communities.

The proof is in the data. Healthy economies are often made up of people with access to support programs, career opportunities, and aid that improves their abilities to maintain positive physical and mental health and well-being.
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Healthcare Access & Quality

A data-driven path to equitable care.

Understanding the healthcare needs of your community can help you design and support initiatives to establish clinics, outreach programs, and other healthcare services in areas that are underserved.
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Social & Community Context

Healthy populations start with connected communities.

The connections we make with people and resources have a profound impact on our individual and collective journeys toward health— and with data storytelling, people become more than numbers.
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Educational Access & Quality

Nurture thriving, health communities.

Ensuring all children and students are supported and prepared for their futures with the education they deserve can have lasting impacts on physical and mental wellbeing, health literacy, life expectancy, and so much more.


Meet your organization's goals with innovative data tools.

Tell stories about social determinants like never before.

Explore the best data and start building stories that anyone in your community can engage with & understand.
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