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Why mySidewalk?

Why mySidewalk?



Community data, but better.

We’ve built the world’s most comprehensive community data library to power our tools, with over 4 billion data points from more than 40 sources, formatted for purpose, organized, and ready to use—all in one place.



Truly accessible data storytelling.

Quickly and easily bring your data to life in visualizations and maps to find patterns, spot trends, and unlock insights. And when you’re ready, use our best-in-class publishing tools to engage your stakeholders, build trust, and make an impact with data storytelling. 



Best practice, no matter where you start.

You know your community, and we have the tools and expertise to help you achieve your goals with data. Whether you start with one of our templated solutions or partner with our team to build something new, together, we’ll change the world.


Don’t just take it from us.

mySidewalk is changing how organizations across the country use community data. Here’s what our partners say:

Advent Health logo

Jeanette Metzler


“I've told colleagues and partners about mySidewalk. I shared how great the product is and how the team has been so incredible. To do my job effectively, I need impactful data that will help me make a case for my work. I also need to be able to get that information quickly. mySidewalk gives me both.”


Diana Prieto

Florida Department of Health in Duval County

“I like the concept of telling stories, because a lot of our data comes from different partners, different sources. [Data storytelling] pulls it all together and shows what can do to create impact.”

San Antonio Metro Health Dept Logo

Tina Lopez

San Antonio Metro Health Department

“... One part of the request wanted data for 37 counties in south Texas. Specifically, the percentage of uninsured for each county and a breakdown based on race/ethnicity. I easily created a table and downloaded a spreadsheet within an hour or so. If I had to do this manually using US Census Bureau ACS, I would need several hours. Thanks for the great product!”

Paul Flavien

Paul Flavien

Broward Metropolitan Planning Org

“Using this tool helps us create better transparency, increase stakeholder buy-in, and saves us several hours a week. It’s just so user-friendly and easy for us to use. We also love that the data is easy to share and download. Those things are huge value-adds for us.”


Lynn Kennedy

Florida Department of Health in Volusia County

“For me, making an impact is people actually looking at the dashboard and using what's there, whether it's using it to start a conversation, downloading the link and sending it to someone else — to use the information that's on the site.”

BCHD logo

Stephen Ma

Baltimore City Health Department

“If I'm creating visualizations, mySidewalk helps simplify that process a bit. I'm able to customize it pretty easily — the title, the colors, the geographies and the labels are pretty straightforward to use.”

Northern Kentucky Health Department(1)

Northern Kentucky Health Department

“A big thanks to our friends at mySidewalk who made the creation of the dashboard for our Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) both easy and attractive.” 

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