Powerful insights for the places you care about.

mySidewalk helps you turn rich, untapped data into relatable insights that guide communities toward a better tomorrow.

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Introducing Sidekick

Get AI-driven answers in seconds. All you have to do is ask. 

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The data and tools you need, ready to use, in one place.

mySidewalk is designed to be easy to use for anyone, because everyone should have the ability to access and use the data they need.


Visualize complex data & analysis


Map relevant patterns & projections


Uncover trends from nation to neighborhoods


Communicate effectively with stakeholders

Built on a foundation of trust.

Engineered using rigorous best practices, a robust data library, intuitive tools, and purpose-driven AI technology, mySidewalk helps you find reliable data fast, present it in the most meaningful ways and inform better decision-making for all.

Blue and green building blocks

Where can mySidewalk go to work for you?

Community Development
Health Outcomes
Economic Stability
Housing Security
Resilient Communities
Safe Public Spaces
Social Determinants of Health

Transform places into thriving communities.

Use organized, relevant community data to make equitable decisions for development and growth opportunities.

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Healthy communities are for all.

Create engaging data stories that help you move the needle toward more equitable health outcomes.

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Take a data-driven pathway to success.

Build a transparent data culture and rally residents and organizations around economic realities and goals

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Open doors with data.

Look beyond supply and demand to uncover needs and provide housing that makes a difference.

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Prepare your community with data-driven confidence.

Employ data-driven insights to mitigate risk with proactive and effective plans of action.

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Reimagine safety data.

Apply the data to create real, sustainable change in support of safer streets, roads, spaces, and communities.

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The intersection of health and everything else.

Find precise data, track and measure more focused efforts to improve contributing factors to health.

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"The thoughtful, ethical application of AI will transform how we live, work, and think across all disciplines, including local government, public health, and philanthropy."

Changemakers making an impact with mySidewalk

Become a Source of Truth

"Everybody is going to the convoluted sites, figuring out what to do, doing it slightly differently. It's like 800 different flavors of ice cream. mySidewalk provides us a streamlined data source for the overwhelming majority of our data needs. Everyone now is talking apples to apples."

Golareh Agha
Chief of Informatics, San Antonio Metropolitan Health Department

Build a Data Culture

"To really understand our communities, we need data. That's where mySidewalk comes in. I have the numbers, I have the demographics, and it's all in one place. It's all complete and right there."

Sophie Wolf
Director of Communications, Community Foundation of Mississippi

Engage Partners

"It creates another level of credibility for KABOOM!, but it also creates a level of connection with the individual because they can see it. To bring up mySidewalk, show them the maps, create them in real-time, and then you see the light bulb come on. You see the smiles."

Issac Castillo, Senior Advisor of Learning & Evaluation, KABOOM!

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