Cultivating Trust in Conversations with Sidekick

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May 14, 2024 6:00:00 AM

This is the fifth blog post in a series dedicated to mySidewalk's new AI-powered community data assistant, Sidekick.

Navigating AI in Community Development with Confidence and Trust

In an era where artificial intelligence continues to shape more and more aspects of our lives, trust remains a paramount concern, especially in community development, health, and safety.

At mySidewalk, we understand that the effectiveness of any tool lies not just in its technical capabilities but in its ability to earn trust. While we won't downplay the powerful possibilities of AI, we are not naive to the reality that for many community leaders, embracing AI comes with hesitations—concerns about privacy, the fairness of algorithms, and the clarity of AI-driven decisions are prevalent. These concerns are valid, as unchecked AI can exacerbate existing disparities or erode privacy safeguards.

As Sidekick is in beta, and even beyond, we recommend every AI-generated response to be reviewed before being shared. With a dedicated team working to enhance Sidekick's capabilities, user feedback on Sidekick is paramount to our ability to provide robust, reliable tools for innovative Changemakers.


Verified Data at the Heart of Trust

Sidekick’s foundation is its robust, verified data library. Every dataset in mySidewalk undergoes a strict quality check to ensure accuracy and relevancy. By partnering with established data providers and conducting independent verifications, Sidekick guarantees that its insights are based on the most reliable information available.

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Leveraging a Single Source of Truth

Helping residents and community members navigate a vast and unclear void of data, "facts" and truths is critical in today's modern age. Powered by a centralized data system, Sidekick can help you take a confident position of leadership. 

mySidewalk eliminates the all-too-common challenges of data discrepancies that can lead to confusion and misaligned strategies so every stakeholder accesses the same data. In an effort to ensure consistency in how information is interpreted and decisions are made, Sidekick makes that understanding fast and simple. A singular data platform has the potential to foster better collaboration across different government departments and community organizations. This shared data environment helps align goals and strategies, leading to more effective and cohesive community projects.

Sidekick access is a perfect place to start.

Transparency from Start to Finish

Understanding how decisions are made is crucial in AI applications. Sidekick champions transparency, offering users a clear view of how data inputs are transformed into insights.

The "Show Work" feature enables users to see what Sidekick referenced to generate responses. This traceability not only enhances understanding but also reinforces the credibility of the results.

Additionally, you can dive deeper into each dataset's source information, geographic granularity capabilities, and calculation methodology.



Building Public Trust Through Openness

Funders, donors, and taxpayers to both public programming and private investments expect to know where their dollars are going.

In communities where public skepticism about budget allocations may be high, by using Sidekick to visualize and share program data, cities can not only clarify spending decisions but also engage citizens in meaningful discussions about fiscal priorities.

Correcting Course: Ensuring Fairness in Planning

Often, insights gained lead to recalibrated approaches to prioritize fairness and equity. Using Sidekick, community leaders have an opportunity to strengthen community trust in the planning process. 

Making decisions on emotion or, worse, doing things because "that's the way they've always been done" is in the rearview with Sidekick. Making data-driven decisions is both possible and prime for collaboration.

Your Trustworthy Partner in Data

Our commitment at mySidewalk goes beyond providing tools; it encompasses a dedication to ethical AI practices, ensuring our technologies respect and protect the communities they serve. Continuous algorithm updates, stringent data protection protocols, and a responsive customer engagement strategy underscore our pledge to be your trusted partner.

Empowerment Through Trust

At mySidewalk, we believe that true empowerment comes from trusted tools. Sidekick is more than a data assistant; it’s a testament to our commitment to fostering trust and transparency in community development.

Ready to see how your data can tell a story that inspires? Try Sidekick today and start cultivating transparent, meaningful action. 

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