Revolutionizing Collaboration: Enterprise Access

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May 10, 2024 7:30:00 AM

In an era where data is king, leading industry organizations and funding bodies face the unique challenge of not just utilizing data effectively themselves, but also enabling their network of member organizations to do the same. With mySidewalk enterprise subscriptions, these leaders can distribute access between partner organizations and members, democratizing data access and empowering a collective approach to community transformation.

The Strategic Advantage of Shared Data Tools

For industry leaders and funders, the ability to distribute data access to their members or associated organizations is a game-changer. This not only ensures that all entities within a network can access the same rich data resources, but also maintains alignment on strategic goals and measures their impact consistently.

For example, a regional planning commission adopted enterprise tools, distributing licenses to local municipalities. They facilitated a unified approach to regional development, where each municipality could access and contribute to a shared data ecosystem, streamlining planning and funding allocation across the region. The result? Harmonious and engaging discussions, transparent resource prioritization, and more efficient delivery of dollars and implementation of plans.


Enhancing Funding Outcomes Through Unified Data Access

Whether you are applying for or allocating funds, effective allocation is paramount for all. However, while the bulk of the responsibility lies on grantmakers and industry leaders who need an accurate, consistent view to compare communities and needs, the majority of the heavy lifting falls on the smaller organizations seeking resources. Almost all are far from data access.

With mySidewalk, these bodies can not only leverage data for their own funding decisions but also empower their grantees or member organizations with the same capabilities. This widened access to data helps support funding decisions that are informed by up-to-date, comprehensive insights. Spoiler: this leads to more impactful investments.

For instance, a large charitable foundation using mySidewalk to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of its funded projects can provide licenses to their grantees. Ensuring that each organization has the tools to report back with data-driven insights inlies enhanced transparency and accountability for use of funds.

Building Capacity and Empowerment Within & Across Organizations

Enterprise access is twofold: distributing mySidewalk licenses, industry leaders and funding bodies streamline their own operations but also build capacity within each member or organization they serve.

This empowerment through data access helps build stronger data cultures within each community foundation, action planning agency, and nonprofit, as well as members working to better understand community needs, align their projects with real-world data, and increase their chances of successful outcomes and funding opportunities.

Access to demographic, economic, and health data allows members to tailor services and advocacy efforts more effectively, leading to greater community impact and member satisfaction. These are efforts with immeasurable value.


A Catalyst for Collective Impact

mySidewalk’s enterprise subscriptions are more than a set of tools; they're a catalyst for collective impact. By enabling industry leaders and funders to equip their networks with advanced data capabilities, we are not just supporting individual organizations but are strengthening entire sectors.

Data democratization places powerful tools in the hands of those who can use them to effect significant, coordinated change. The path to get started is clear: mySidewalk.

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