Introducing Seek: A Better Way to Discover Data

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Oct 22, 2020 10:30:31 AM

Now Live: Seek helps you find the data you need, and the data you didn't know you needed.

Seek is mySidewalk's newest innovation in its mission to democratize data. Seek makes data easy and accessible, so people who are working to make a better world can find the answers they need.

The team at mySidewalk is excited to announce the release of our newest feature, Seek.

Seek was developed as a better way for change-makers to get the information they need quicker and easier, without cause for headache and confusion. We've worked for years to enable public, private, and non-profit organizations with the tools to further their mission through data visualization and storytelling. Data has powered every step of these partnerships, but we've realized a fundamental gap still persists in simply finding organized, clean, and relevant data to make use of in the world.

Why is it so hard to access the data that we need to be discussing as a community?

We couldn't hide from the challenge. That's why we made Seek.

No more data detours.

Seek is your path to over 1 billion data values from 40+ sources, available across 16 levels of geography.

Seek-Data Library

We put in the legwork of adding and maintaining dozens of data sources such as the Census, CDC, BLS, EPA, and more to one location--validated and enriched to provide you flexibility in use without sacrificing trust in accuracy.

With everything in one place, you can keep seeking without slowing down.

  • Select & download data from multiple sources
  • Filter by source, time, and geographic availability
  • Cut & segment by age, race, ethnicity, and more.

Less time jumping between data portals, GIS software, and spreadsheets--more time finding the data you need and putting it into action for grant proposals, community research, and more.

Focus on your mission.

We've taken care of applying the data science so you can feel confident using it to help you answer your most important questions.

Literal access to data is just the start. Data is a small word that can have a lot of implications: Is the data accurate? Old? Available where, and how granular? Can the data be used with a different source? Is there metadata? Ugh.

Ditch the uncertainty.


Data should feel fun. Whether you're always working down in the weeds or not, it isn't hard to see things can get messy quick, and even the nerdiest of us wade through 90% of legwork for 10% of the fun. Seek is designed to prioritize and save your time from being stolen by inaccessible data websites, confusing or isolated information, and general bandaid workflows.

Seek gives you the opportunity to leverage and learn the power of data science without having to start from scratch each time.

  • Normalize & format your data as you go
  • Work with granular geographies 
  • Data regularly updated with new values

Seek and download answers, not questions.

We've made it easy to search the entire library with purpose and download in multiple formats for your next steps.

Our data search functionality allows you to topically search for information you know you're looking for, and inspires you to discover everything else along the way.


We make the entire experience as seamless as possible so you can simply enter a keyword and be presented with multiple paths to information. In just a handful of clicks--you can find your data, pull in your desired geographies, and directly download (with attribution)!

  • Integrated search and edit experience
  • GeoJSON, CSV, & Tidy Data CSV download formats
  • Export and use or further analyze in another environment

From writing grant proposals, community research, public data requests, external analysis, and even simply fact checking on the fly, your path to change just got smoother.

We're excited to start hearing more of your feedback with Seek as we continue to enhance and develop the feature. As you discover and play with Seek, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Connect with your Customer Development Manager or email

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