mySidewalk Employee Spotlight: Senior CDM Dana Greiner

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Aug 10, 2020 2:25:01 PM

“Always turn your camera on for Zoom meetings,” Dana told us. “I know it’s awkward, but it really helps convey the nuances, so we know how you’re doing and what you’re thinking.” It was March 2020. In light of the increasing COVID-19 spread, mySidewalk was going to become a 100% remote team. Most of us were a bit nervous. What would team communication look like? Were we ready for this? But Dana Greiner had our backs. 

As a KCMO company employee working remotely in Jacksonville, Florida, she knew what we needed to do. She gave us the coaching and encouragement we needed to transition.  

Her positive, can-do attitude helps fuel our customer interactions and lifts up her teammates. As a Senior Customer Development Manager at mySidewalk, she is a fierce advocate for our customers.

It's not unusual for Dana to excitedly interrupt a meeting to announce that a new Fire Dashboard has just been launched. What you might notice most about Dana is how she demonstrates the mySidewalk company value of Heart. Dana is always finding new ways to get her colleagues to take a deep breath, laugh, and check-in with one another.

She was kind enough to let us interview her about her role, including why she joined the team, and what a day in her life is like.

Meet Dana: Senior CDM Extraordinaire

mySidewalk Employee Spotlight_Senior CDM Dana Greiner Meet Dana
What do you do? Describe a day in your life at mySidewalk 

A. I’m focused on supporting our customers, and working to foster a happy community. I work to strengthen the connection our customers feel both with our team and with one another. My goal for each customer is to set them up for success with the product, help them tell their story, and champion their work. My mission is to help them share why their work matters. 

Life has changed now that we’re all working remotely. It’s been fun for me, it’s like ‘welcome to my virtual office, everyone.’ 

I think it’s taught us to be less heads-down and be more intentional. I think it’s also increased trust, even though we’re not together all the time, our output and productivity haven’t slowed at all. It’s been challenging to do this job throughout the pandemic, but I’m so grateful for it. I think it brought the team closer, and we’ve shown how nimble and resilient we are.

Why did you join the mySidewalk team? 

A. I’ve joined the team twice, I'm a “boomerang employee.” I came back because I believe in these people and this leadership. I jumped at the opportunity to return to the civic tech space, especially with the evolution of the product. I love how we take something that seems complicated and turn it into something simple and beautifully designed, something that helps communities make better decisions.

It was a fast yes when I got the call asking me to come back. None of us are here to just make a widget; we all believe in what we’re doing. We feel a moral imperative to do what we do, but in a humble way. We’re here to empower change-makers, and that’s a powerful thing to be a part of. 

What’s the most challenging thing you do at mySidewalk?

A. My greatest challenge is that I care deeply about the work and want to do an excellent job for our customers. Especially right now with the pandemic, the stakes are high. We have big projects and big goals. So when it gets hard, I take a breath, and remember my mission, to empower public servants, to “help the helpers.” Even on hard days, that puts things in perspective. 

What part of your work at mySidewalk are you most proud of? 

A. I’d say it’s the opportunity to share our customers’ stories with the world. What they do is incredible. You can’t help but be inspired by their grit and service. If I can champion the core of what our customers do for their communities and help tell their stories, I feel pretty good about that. 

What’s one of your recent favorite projects?

A. I especially enjoyed building the Lisle-Woodridge Fire Performance Dashboard. They were fully engaged throughout the whole process. I also love how they made their new Dashboard part of their COVID-19 response. They saw it as an opportunity to be leaders and be transparent with their community. They’re the first department in Illinois to do something like this, and they’re very proud of that fact. And so are we!

What is the most important thing you’ve learned while working at mySidewalk?

A. I’ve learned a lot about data analytics, of course, but the big thing I’ve learned is when you’re doing hard things, don’t lose sight of the team beside you. I’ve learned to trust that we’re all one team, with one north star, and to lean on them when I need it. 

What do customers love about working with mySidewalk? 

A. Customers love how hands-on we are and how we partner with them. They love how responsive we are and how we’re committed to getting them what they need. They get excited about how our products make their jobs so much easier. They love the storytelling piece, how it helps them show why something is happening. Once they see what mySidewalk can do, they’re hooked. 

What’s your motivator? 

A. One big motivator for me is our customers' mission. They help the world by starting in their own community, and we help them. They are a community of civil servants, and we get to partner with them in making cities and counties better. I’m also inspired by the skill, intelligence, and wit of the mySidewalk team. 

What would you say to someone considering taking a job at mySidewalk?

A. On the hard days, it means a lot to be proud of the work you’re doing. To serve public servants is a special thing, and on a tough day, that’s something I fall back on. The culture also provides a lot of autonomy, which is not for everybody, but I consider it a gift. If you’re driven, a self-starter, and want to do some good, this is the perfect place to be.

A Little Something Extra

Dana also brings much-needed levity and joy to the team. Although a self-professed pug person, she finds herself without one at the moment. So instead, we eagerly follow the adventures of her feline friend frenemy Gatito. 

mySidewalk Employee Spotlight_Senior CDM Dana Greiner Cat Adventures

She faithfully keeps up our morale by hosting our weekly virtual happy hour.

mySidewalk Employee Spotlight_Senior CDM Dana Greiner_ Virtual Happy HourI especially love how Dana used the mySidewalk platform to create a baby game contest. The goal was to match the correct baby photos to the right coworker.

mySidewalk Employee Spotlight_Senior CDM Dana Greiner_Baby Contest
Dana Greiner, thank you for your tireless work and creativity. Most of all, thank you for all the ways you serve, share customer stories, and make us smile. 

Do you want to do meaningful work that makes a real difference? Do you want to spend your day alongside amazing people like Dana? Learn more about joining the mySidewalk team.

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