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Revolutionizing Collaboration: Enterprise Access

In an era where data is king, leading industry organizations and funding bodies face the unique challenge of not just utilizing data effectively themselves, but also enabling their network of member organizations to do the same. With mySidewalk enterprise subscriptions, these leaders …

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Empowering Change Through Data: The Indian River Community Foundation's Path to Community Transformation

In the world of community development, the need for informed decision-making is paramount. For the Indian River Community Foundation (IRCF), the journey towards enhancing community impact through data-driven initiatives has reshaped their approach to philanthropy. By implementing the …

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8 Things to Understand About Food Insecurity and How Data Storytelling Helps Us Find Solutions

Food is more than just sustenance; it is a fundamental human right and a source of comfort, culture, and community. Yet, across the country, millions face the harsh reality of food insecurity. Not only does the issue threaten physical and mental health outcomes but it also undermines …

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