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Not sure where your skills fit in? No problem. We’re more focused on finding smart, talented individuals passionate about our business than someone to fulfill a role. Email your resume to and tell us why you’re passionate about mySidewalk.

Qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, disability, national origin or ancestry.

Didn’t see something for you? We’re always on the lookout for great teammates. Learn more about our teams below.

Product Team

Calling the quirky! Whether it’s a love of sunflower seeds or a strange relationship with Target t-shirts, we know our unique interests come alive in our collaborative environment (and make for some interesting lunch conversations). From GIS to Data Science to Python and user experience, we know the best product teammates are curious about more than one thing.

If you’re as much intellect as you are interested in others (and like to have fun along the way) you may be interested in joining our product team. See all open positions below and be sure to try our code assessment.

Science Team

When asked a tough question, is your first instinct to ask the data what it thinks? Do you possess a passion for persuading with visualization? Do you have enough modeling, estimation, and machine learning techniques in your toolbelt that a little bit of missing data here or a question about the unknowable future there won't stop you?

mySidewalk's science team is made of public service and policy aficionados who want to elevate the discourse with data science. If that sounds like you, check the listings below and take a look at our analyst assessment.

Customer Team

Our whole company champions the customer–but a few teammates are more obsessive than others. This group is determined, creative, and always motivated by an enthusiastic customer (or maybe that’s just the coffee talking). From analyzing our clients’ current and potential needs, we need enthusiastic teammates to ensure our customer stays at the forefront of our company at all times.

If you're intuitive, persuasive, and have a curious mindset, you may be interested in joining our customer team.

Marketing Team

At mySidewalk, we love a good story, and nobody knows that better than our marketing team. We believe that marketers are the business world's anthropologists, and we built our team to match—thoughtful, diligent, and nimble. This group loves to dig deep and get creative to help our customers realize the value of mySidewalk.

If you own a copy of Obviously Awesome, talk about behavioral economics at parties, or spend more time on the commercials than the Super Bowl—you may be right at home with this team.

Sales Team

Competition is at the center of this group - so contenders beware! If you have an influential superpower and thrive on connecting with others, not only will you love working with your teammates, you’ll see that same spark in the customers you convince to join us as well. If you constantly have an eye on the end result and a passion for beating any goal, you may be interested in joining our sales and marketing team.