GoDaddy's Venture Forward Collaborates with mySidewalk to Create Microbusiness Impact Report

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Jun 13, 2022 11:08:03 AM

We're excited to announce a new partnership with GoDaddy Venture Forward! Through this work, mySidewalk subscribers can generate customized reports that tell the story of small businesses wherever they live. 

New national tool delivers microbusiness impact data directly to communities

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, announced today that its Venture Forward research initiative has partnered with mySidewalk to launch an online tool giving local and regional policymakers in the U.S. unprecedented access to information on the economic impact of over 20 million microbusinesses.

The online tool generates tailored reports on small business impacts for any county or metropolitan statistical area (MSA) in the U.S. and allows the user to compare their community with communities nationwide. Reports are generated in seconds, assigned a unique internet address, and are automatically updated with both exclusive and public third-party data as it becomes available. The dashboard equips policymakers, leaders at academic institutions and economic development officials with the data and insights they need to design programs and resources to support microbusinesses in their communities.

"After speaking with policymakers across the country, we realized there was a need to capture reliable and accurate data on microbusinesses and make it readily available for them to use," said Jeremy Hartman, Vice President, Community Engagement at GoDaddy. "Working with mySidewalk, we're able to bring our data to a larger set of people to show just how great of an impact microbusinesses have on their communities."

This collaboration also grants mySidewalk subscribers' access to GoDaddy's Venture Forward data via the mySidewalk Seek and Chart products. Their subscribers can combine valuable insights from the Venture Forward data with insights from 2.2 billion community data points housed in the mySidewalk library, allowing changemakers in community and economic development, housing, public health, healthcare, public safety and transportation to more effectively assess the strength and inclusivity of their economy.

"At mySidewalk, we work every day with leaders across the country who are committed to creating an economy that works for everyone," said Stephen Hardy, CEO of mySidewalk. "We know that microbusinesses are a path to not only individual prosperity but also to strong, equitable communities. We are honored to be part of this historic project."

Venture Forward is a multi-year research effort conducted by GoDaddy to quantify the impact millions of microbusinesses have on the U.S. economy and their local communities, as well as insight into their needs, demographics, and trends; as they're often too small or too new to show up in traditional government-based methods of capturing economic data. To learn more about Venture Forward and to explore our new Microbusiness Data Hub, visit

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