Print to PDF: Sharing Your Data Stories With Clarity in Any Format

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Jun 26, 2020 2:51:52 PM

We talk a lot about the digital transformation at mySidewalk. After all, digital experiences are baked into our work and where our customers find value in communicating their data stories.

Still, we know traditional formats still have a place in clear communication - especially in the work of public and community service. Writing grants, presenting to stakeholders, and sharing visualizations sometimes requires the tried-and-true format of a paper document.

And while we're still pushing the envelope in cutting edge digital experiences such as mySidewalk Press, we've also released a new update that allows you to print your published reports and dashboards in a PDF format without losing your critical information.


Now Available: Print-to-PDF for Reports & Dashboards

That's right - no more workarounds! Until now, converting information in a mySidewalk report dashboard to a PDF and printing it required you to use web browser functionality, but it had some downsides. Some components would be missing, such as data and context contained in collections that wouldn't be captured accurately in the provided format. Not ideal when placing a report on someones desk.

Now, you can enable a dedicated Print-to PDF button to publicly published content so anyone can access, download, and share it with more options to fit in your workflow.

How to print to PDF

This new method of saving and publishing your data stories is designed to give you more power and control over how you share your reports and insights. As always, our instantly shareable URLs and export options are available at your fingertips.

Note: As this function renders all visualizations on your page to ensure no information is left out, it may take 30-60 seconds to finish loading your PDF. While this delay delivers a complete picture of your report, we'll be developing this feature more in the future to be as smooth as we can.


Designing an Intuitive Map Legend

As we shared in our last Product Update, we've reorganized and moved legends to the bottom of maps made within mySidewalk for a more intentional and accessible experience. With the volume and complexity of data our customers work with, ensuring a smooth experience each and every time is a top priority. Of course - what good is a map all covered up?

For mobile devices, this new legend creates a much cleaner viewing and engagement experience suited for smaller screen sizes. With our new printing functionality, this new design allows paper and PDF formats to communicate your purpose with stakeholders with less potential for friction in understanding.



Trust & Clarity with Automatic Sources on Maps

To further push transparency in our maps, both in digital and physical formats, we've updated them to automatically include mySidewalk data sources as you add indicators from our data library. All of our other data visualization components have operated with this feature, and we've made sure to prioritize making this experience available for maps. 

With data sources cited as you work, sharing maps with transparency is a whole lot easier.


map footerNote: Automatic footers work only with mySidewalk data, and
will not auto-update if you make custom footnotes.


We hope these updates find a place in your workflows, as we're always looking to provide you with the flexibility and features and make your job easier. With so many challenges facing our communities and the important work our customers do to solve them, clear and consistent communication is foundational to making long-lasting change.

Login to the mySidewalk platform today to play with out new Print-to-PDF functionality, or check out some of the other recent updates we've made. As always, feel free to reach out with feedback, comments, or anything on your mind. We're here for you.

8/4/20 Update: We recently expanded the Print-to-PDF feature to publicly published Dashboards as well. To read the latest product updates, read our July 2020 Product Update.


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