Bridging Health Disparities with Data: mySidewalk's Journey to Data-Driven Empowerment

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Apr 1, 2024 12:31:37 PM

In a world where data dictates directions, mySidewalk stands as a beacon of innovation, guiding hospitals, healthcare organizations, researchers, health equity officers, and community leaders toward a future free of health disparities. As we gear up for an inspiring presentation at the Xavier University 17th Annual Health Disparities Conference, we were reminded of the power of collaboration, knowledge, and technology in shaping health equity in precision medicine.


A Meeting of Minds at the Health Disparities Conference

This year, mySidewalk's Director of Customer Experience, Maggie Kauffman, will take the stage alongside esteemed industry leaders in a pivotal panel discussion: Empowering Communities through Data-Driven Precision Medicine Strategies. This session is not just a conversation but a clarion call for action, illustrating how data-driven strategies can illuminate the path to equitable healthcare.


The Challenge Outside the Clinic

Precision medicine is not just about the individualized treatment plans within the walls of a clinic. It's equally about understanding the world outside — the community where patients come from and their day-to-day challenges. Here, we introduce a paradigm shift, focusing on the broader picture of patient care with community data.

Consider the implications of clinical trial locations — are we inadvertently oversampling from specific populations? Do patients have access to reliable transportation for their treatments? These questions, once a challenge, find their answers in our comprehensive community data library. By leveraging our platform, healthcare providers can gain invaluable insights into the communities they serve, ensuring a holistic approach to patient care and clinical trial design.


Integrating Real-World Evidence for a Healthier Tomorrow

With the FDA's recent guideline updates, incorporating real-world evidence (RWE) into new drug applications has become paramount. Maggie delves into our pioneering model that seamlessly integrates community data with electronic health records and other RWE. This integration not only complies with regulatory requirements but also paints a comprehensive picture of patient populations, leading to better-informed healthcare decisions and outcomes.


Partnerships Paving the Way

Our collaboration with esteemed partners like Houston Methodist Hospital and the University of Houston underlines the importance of multi-sector partnerships in tackling health disparities. Through NIH-funded initiatives, these partnerships leverage our community data to minimize complications from outcomes like chronic kidney disease (CKD) and refine community health strategies, setting a precedent for data-driven healthcare solutions across Texas and beyond.

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Transforming Transplant Care

Read how Houston leveraged artificial intelligence and machine learning here.


The Consortium: A Vision for the Future

The ambitious goal to develop a Consortium utilizing AI/ML strategies for identifying CKD patients at risk signifies a leap toward innovative healthcare solutions. By enriching community data indices and identifying structural conditions influencing CKD risk factors, we are at the forefront of transforming data into actionable insights.


Democratizing Data for Change

At mySidewalk, we believe in the power of democratizing data — making it accessible and actionable for those committed to driving positive change in their communities. Each and every day, we are excited about the opportunities to share our experiences, learn from our partners, and collectively move closer to a world where health equity is not just an ideal but a reality.

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