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Empowering Change Through Data: The Indian River Community Foundation's Path to Community Transformation

In the world of community development, the need for informed decision-making is paramount. For the Indian River Community Foundation (IRCF), the journey towards enhancing community impact through data-driven initiatives has reshaped their approach to philanthropy. By implementing the …

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From the Desk of a Subject Matter Expert: A Changemaker's Guide to Equitable Data Visualizations

In the heart of every community lies a story — a narrative shaped by the people, their experiences, and the data that surrounds them. As a public health expert and a firm believer in equitable data storytelling, I've seen firsthand how data can be a powerful tool for change. Yet, the …

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Bridging Health Disparities with Data: mySidewalk's Journey to Data-Driven Empowerment

In a world where data dictates directions, mySidewalk stands as a beacon of innovation, guiding hospitals, healthcare organizations, researchers, health equity officers, and community leaders toward a future free of health disparities. As we gear up for an inspiring presentation at th …

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8 Things to Understand About Food Insecurity and How Data Storytelling Helps Us Find Solutions

Food is more than just sustenance; it is a fundamental human right and a source of comfort, culture, and community. Yet, across the country, millions face the harsh reality of food insecurity. Not only does the issue threaten physical and mental health outcomes but it also undermines …

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Data's mission-critical role in overcoming Substance Use Disorders

Close up of two people holding hands in support of one another covered by a green and teal duotone gradient

Over the past decade, more and more communities have felt the deep, personal impacts substance use disorders (SUDs) are having on families, neighborhoods, and even their cities as a whole. The major public health issue has affected millions of people worldwide and requires a multi-fac …

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Hope at the Center: A Changemaker Profile

At mySidewalk, we have the honor of supporting changemakers all over the country. In this article, we highlight a team who continues to inspire us — The Florida Department of Health in Volusia County. Specifically, we're profiling the work of Path4Hope, the County's holistic approach …

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The Places that Shape Us: a Changemaker Profile


At mySidewalk, we have the honor of supporting changemakers all over the country. In this article, we highlight one of those unique champions who inspire us: Nicole Augustine. She's a Public Health advocate, master storyteller, and an all-around joy to know.

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Evolving With Our Customers: The New CHA Solution

Four years ago, the team at mySidewalk faced a new challenge: how to make Community Health Assessments (CHAs) sing. We didn’t literally want them to sing (we do love karaoke, but maybe not in this situation), but we wanted them to be as interesting and engaging as our Community Health …

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How to Leverage Community Data for COVID-19 Response

Each month, mySidewalk hosts a webinar in partnership with the National League of Cities. In April, we focused on how Public Health departments can leverage community data to respond to COVID-19 in their communities. We were fortunate to have guest speakers from both Maricopa County ( …

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The People Behind the Data



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The Loneliness Epidemic in America


The COVID-19 pandemic is a collective trauma on a global scale. In a matter of weeks, our lives were upended. We bunkered down in our homes, many of us expecting to be back in the office or classrooms in a few weeks. There was fear of the disease, of course, but there was also isolati …

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3 Ingredients You Need in a Successful Community Health Assessment


Community Health Assessments (often fondly referred to as CHAs) have a reputation as dense, dry, and overwhelming. On my first day as Deputy Director of the Kansas City, Missouri Health Department, I walked into my new office to see a two-inch thick printed report on my desk. The CHA …

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Brighter Days Ahead: Celebrating Public Health


The Vikings were master boat makers — their boats were able to withstand the seas because the wood they chose was flexible. When the winds shifted, and the outlook turned dangerous, the wood of the Viking ships didn’t stay rigid. The wood bent.

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Putting the "Community' Back into the CHNA

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Fund Health Equity and Target Grants by Visualizing Community Data


Voices for Healthy Kids®, an initiative of the American Heart Association, works with mySidewalk to leverage community data in its grantmaking process. Voices for Healthy Kids accomplishes its mission to improve or create equitable policies that make the places kids live, learn, and p …

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Navigating Vaccine Hesitancy in Kansas City

Imagine waking up one morning after years of serving the public dutifully to find protestors outside your house calling you a traitor, a despot, a fascist, or worse. Imagine needing armed escorts to walk to your car after work, or seeing your children’s personal information splashed a …

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Gauze & Effect Vol. 10: Intersections

In this issue: A letter from Dr. Sarah about intersections (literal and figurative, natch) We've got the best data on affordable housing, and this report template is the bee's knees A peek into our work curating data for equity Where you can find us (irl and virtually) this Fall! A Pr …

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Gauze & Effect Vol. 9: Spring Cleaning

In this issue: A letter from Dr. Sarah about clearing the clutter Our customers push us to be better and make new things -- this Vaccine Tracker report is pretty cool Chatter from the virtual water cooler and what's helping us take care of ourselves An ICYMI moment about our newest pa …

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mySidewalk's COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker

During times of uncertainty, your community wants facts. At mySidewalk, we’ve spent the last year supporting our partners as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been alongside them as they navigated outbreaks, economic damage, and Public Health policy response. A consistent t …

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National Public Health Week 2021: Perseverance in Public Health

This past year, public health - the science of protecting and improving the health of people and their communities - has connected us all. Across the globe, citizens have looked to leaders in public health for next steps and much needed hope. There's never been a better time to show o …

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Gauze & Effect Vol. 8: The Core

In this issue: A letter from Dr. Sarah about cold air, core exercises and the year ahead Amazing new data from CDC and three ways it can show insights Chatter from the virtual water cooler and pictures of our pets An ICYMI moment about the word Equity A hard-hitting interview with one …

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