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Bridging Health Disparities with Data: mySidewalk's Journey to Data-Driven Empowerment

In a world where data dictates directions, mySidewalk stands as a beacon of innovation, guiding hospitals, healthcare organizations, researchers, health equity officers, and community leaders toward a future free of health disparities. As we gear up for an inspiring presentation at th …

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Data's mission-critical role in overcoming Substance Use Disorders

Close up of two people holding hands in support of one another covered by a green and teal duotone gradient

Over the past decade, more and more communities have felt the deep, personal impacts substance use disorders (SUDs) are having on families, neighborhoods, and even their cities as a whole. The major public health issue has affected millions of people worldwide and requires a multi-fac …

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Gauze & Effect Vol. 10: Intersections

In this issue: A letter from Dr. Sarah about intersections (literal and figurative, natch) We've got the best data on affordable housing, and this report template is the bee's knees A peek into our work curating data for equity Where you can find us (irl and virtually) this Fall! A Pr …

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Gauze & Effect Vol. 9: Spring Cleaning

In this issue: A letter from Dr. Sarah about clearing the clutter Our customers push us to be better and make new things -- this Vaccine Tracker report is pretty cool Chatter from the virtual water cooler and what's helping us take care of ourselves An ICYMI moment about our newest pa …

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Gauze & Effect Vol. 8: The Core

In this issue: A letter from Dr. Sarah about cold air, core exercises and the year ahead Amazing new data from CDC and three ways it can show insights Chatter from the virtual water cooler and pictures of our pets An ICYMI moment about the word Equity A hard-hitting interview with one …

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Vitalyst Spark: The Health Data Challenge, Part 1

Every day we come to work thinking about how data can make a better world. There are few “probletunities” as exciting and impactful as connecting health care, public health, and health outcomes through data. Listen in as Dr. Sarah Martin, VP of Health Solutions, and Stephen Hardy, CEO …

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