New Report: Track Covid-19's Impact on Workforce & Occupations

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Jul 14, 2020 10:46:34 AM

Our communities are hurting. The impacts of Covid-19 are far reaching and heavy hitting in plenty of ways, including our ability to work. While many of us carry privileges such as the ability to work from home or continue employment in our respective industries and sectors - individuals and families across the country are being hit hard.

We can draw lines to define an 'essential business' in periods of lockdown, but it's clear that the people working to provide for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities are essential at every point in time. Understanding local conditions before and after the pandemic are foundational to guiding decisions to revitalize our economies safely.

To help in the road of economic recovery and resilience, we've released a new addition to the mySidewalk Report Template library: Covid-19 Impact on Employment.

Available now: Covid-19 Impact on Employment

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This report helps you track and share local employment conditions in the wake of the pandemic, and understand the prevalence of impacted occupations in your community. It's available right now in the mySidewalk Report Template library for you to create and share in just a few minutes, or customize to your heart's content. (If you're a current mySidewalk user, click here to create the report with quick tour!)

By bringing together employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics with workforce data from the American Community Survey, you can keep a live pulse on holistic employment conditions and dig into local geographies where affected populations live. 


Narrow in on affected occupations.

Covid-19 has impacted essentially every industry and occupation, but not all in the same way. As the spread of the disease varies throughout local communities, the contexts of essential labor that keep our communities running differ as well. We've broken out 6 occupational groupings most impacted by Covid-19, including service-related occupations that require close in-person contact.

  • Food Preparation and Serving
  • Persona Care and Services
  • Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media
  • Building, Grounds Cleaning, and Maintenance
  • Transportation and Material Moving
  • Construction and Extraction
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Across each of these 6 groups, we've included visualizations to showcase the prevalence of these occupations in the local economy, and where affected populations may live in your community.


Monthly updates to keep you informed.
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The world is moving fast, and understanding the trends toward recovery are crucial for effective decision making, policy, and economic development. The data visualizations we've included in this template give you an annual average rate of unemployment alongside a monthly updating rate. We're adding new data as the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases them, meaning your report will automatically update without further manipulation.

If you're interested in creating your own visualizations with the monthly employment data, you can check out a quick video overview of the source here.

Note that the unemployment data is only available at Nation, State, County, Metro and only some Place geographies. 


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