National Public Health Week 2021: Perseverance in Public Health

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Apr 7, 2021 11:55:45 AM

This past year, public health - the science of protecting and improving the health of people and their communities - has connected us all. Across the globe, citizens have looked to leaders in public health for next steps and much needed hope. There's never been a better time to show our appreciation for these advocates of better health than now. 

Public health professionals work tirelessly to prevent problems from happening or recurring through creating educational programs, administering services, conducting research and pushing policies. All of these actions start with a plan based on extensive research and shared with the community at large to show where public health priorities are moving forward. These are called Community Health Assessments (CHA). We're proud to work with teams all across the country to assess the health disparities in their region and help bring their CHAs to life.

During this year's National Public Health Week (April 5-11, 2021) we're excited to showcase our partners in public health as they launch their mySidewalk CHAs this week. Their work varies far and wide, but they all work together to promote healthcare equity for all. In no order, here are five of our partners making strides in public health in 2021.

#1. The State of Louisiana

See the Louisiana State Health Assessment. 

Health is more than the absence of illness—it's the whole story of well-being for our minds, bodies, and communities. T​hat's why we partnered with the Louisiana Department of Public health to create their SHA, and our biggest dashboard yet. Their SHA explores foundations of community health, behaviors and exposures, and medical conditions that define good or poor health. Each section is available for the whole state and for the nine public health regions. 


LA Dashboard GIFs 2

#2. Maricopa County, Arizona

See the Maricopa County Community Health Assessment.

This dashboard provides key data and information about health challenges and opportunities while also providing a closer glimpse into the health of specific regions of Maricopa County. Our team found that Maricopa County has the lowest percentage of adults who are age 18 and over with a mental health illness within the past year compared to the state of Arizona.

Maricopa window




#3. Jessamine County, KY

See the Jessamine County Community Health Assessment. 

The data and information in this CHA helps to better educate health department staff, government officials, and the community about Jessamine County's local health status and needs. This interactive story gives Jessamine County Health Department and the community access to over 75 health data indicators.




#4. Yuma County, Arizona

See the Yuma County Public Health Services District Community Health Assessment.

Community health, equity, partnerships and quality improvement are of focus for Yuma County Public Health Services District. Together, we found that as little as a 14 minute minute drive between areas in Yuma County revealed an almost 10 year change in life expectancy among residents living in those areas.

#5. Cochise County, AZ

See the Cochise County Community Health Assessment.

Cochise Health and Social Services focused on many social contexts to health from access to OBG-YN and prenatal care for mothers, to income by age. 



Your CHA can do more. mySidewalk can help.

See mySidewalk SolutionsmySidewalk helps health systems and Health organizations transform their Community Health Assessments. We partner with you to create custom, dynamic dashboards that help you get 10x your stakeholder engagement, improve data accuracy, cut costs, and save time. Learn more.


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