Data Storytelling Jobs Part 1: Access to Community Data

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Jan 20, 2023 3:36:44 PM

If you haven’t been around here before, or you haven’t been around recently, welcome! We’re so glad that you’re here. mySidewalk is on a mission to democratize data and equip changemakers with tools to build stronger communities. We do this through our full-stack data storytelling platform. 

What does that mean? Let’s dig a little deeper. 

We're Democratizing Data

“Democratize data” is a phrase we coined. Put simply, it means giving users access to community data at a large scale. We put more than 6 billion data points from 40+ trusted sources into our user's hands. This allows them to analyze data, find trends and patterns in their communities, and create solutions that positively impact the places where they live, work and play. We lovingly refer to our users as “Changemakers” because that’s what they do. They change the world one data story at a time. 

The Practice of Data Storytelling

The second part of our equation is data storytelling. Let’s be honest: it’s hard to do it well. But it’s more than just visualizing and sharing data. We believe that data storytelling is a practice. It’s a natural part of an organization’s everyday workflow, not a one-time project.

A common problem area for many data analysts and storytellers is dealing with a myriad of data sources. Often, the data won’t mesh together easily. To really understand what’s going on in a community, you’d typically need a team of experts to get the data to play nice and work together. Once you have all the data, it’s time-consuming to find insights and elevate the data storytelling experience. 

That’s where mySidewalk steps in. We’ve identified three core data storytelling jobs that help users see the value in adopting community data into daily workflows. Our three-pronged approach is what makes data storytelling with mySidewalk so powerful. mySidewalk is the only complete data storytelling platform that: 

  1. Gives you access to the best data about places.
  2. Makes it easy to find community insights.
  3. Helps you quickly build and share impactful data stories.

Access to Community Data 

Let’s go back to the first core job of data storytelling: access to the best data about places. Without reliable information, great data storytelling is impossible. mySidewalk builds its tools on a unique community data library with more than 6 billion data points from more than 40 trusted sources. This data is complete, consistent, connected and stored in our library so you don’t have to waste time searching for it. 

If this isn’t enough, you also have 16 levels of geography to explore. This geographic granularity is unmatched anywhere else. Additionally, the place-based data is quality-assured, updated and regularly maintained by our data experts. Altogether, this means that community data is readily available whenever you need it, for wherever you need it. 

Each of our tools enable the achievement of access to placed-based data better than any other SaaS vendor in today’s market. A full-stack data storytelling platform saves you time, provides better insights, builds your team’s capacity to use data, informs stakeholders and helps you invest wisely to make the most impact in your community. 

Data changes the story. Your story changes the world. What will data storytelling help you do next? 

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