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5 Ways to Use mySidewalk's CoWrite Feature


Introducing a groundbreaking method for crafting data narratives. In today's data-driven world, narrative and context are essential for interpreting data and making informed decisions. That's why mySidewalk has developed CoWrite, an innovative AI writing assistant feature.

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8 Things to Understand About Food Insecurity and How Data Storytelling Helps Us Find Solutions

Food is more than just sustenance; it is a fundamental human right and a source of comfort, culture, and community. Yet, across the country, millions face the harsh reality of food insecurity. Not only does the issue threaten physical and mental health outcomes but it also undermines …

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Data's mission-critical role in overcoming Substance Use Disorders

Close up of two people holding hands in support of one another covered by a green and teal duotone gradient

Over the past decade, more and more communities have felt the deep, personal impacts substance use disorders (SUDs) are having on families, neighborhoods, and even their cities as a whole. The major public health issue has affected millions of people worldwide and requires a multi-fac …

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Revolutionizing the Data Storytelling Narrative


While many of us are still catching on, mySidewalk has had a front-row seat to communities across the country using data storytelling as a tool to build stronger communities. In the beginning, organizations came to us looking to communicate complex information in compelling and engagi …

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Data Storytelling Jobs Part 3: Build and Share Impactful Data Stories


Welcome to the final installment of our data storytelling series. If you missed part one or part two, please review them whenever it’s convenient for you. If you’ve been following along, thanks for hanging with us.

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Data Storytelling Jobs Part 2: Quickly Find Community Insights


Welcome back to part two of our data storytelling series! If you missed the first post, you can read it here.

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Data Storytelling Jobs Part 1: Access to Community Data


If you haven’t been around here before, or you haven’t been around recently, welcome! We’re so glad that you’re here. mySidewalk is on a mission to democratize data and equip changemakers with tools to build stronger communities. We do this through our full-stack data storytelling pla …

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