Data's mission-critical role in overcoming Substance Use Disorders

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Jun 29, 2023 11:49:50 AM

Over the past decade, more and more communities have felt the deep, personal impacts substance use disorders (SUDs) are having on families, neighborhoods, and even their cities as a whole. The major public health issue has affected millions of people worldwide and requires a multi-faceted approach to address. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), substance use disorders are a chronic, relapsing brain disease that not only affects the physical and mental health of individuals but also impact their relationships, productivity, and overall well-being. Moreover, SUDs are closely intertwined with mental health issues, as individuals face unique challenges in their recovery journeys.

Understanding the intricate nature of substance use disorders requires comprehensive data analysis and data storytelling techniques that can effectively communicate insights to diverse audiences. In recent years, data-driven solutions and data storytelling are helpful in developing treatments and accessing funding for recovery, effective behavioral therapies, and support for affected family members. By using data-driven narratives, visualizations, and interactive tools, you can transform complex and delicate information into compelling stories that resonate with policymakers, healthcare professionals, community organizations, and the general public.

Our team at mySidewalk knows our data storytelling tools have a mission-critical role to play in helping an increasing number of communities overcome one of their toughest battles. As the need for evidence-based solutions continues to grow, mySidewalk offers a suite of powerful solutions to meet these needs. Not only does a reliable, single source for community data make it easy for already overburdened public servants to access and gather information quickly, but the data stories built in mySidewalk help users also root their insights in equity.

We have worked with public health and recovery experts, as well as our customers to design starting points and templates that help you build data stories about substance use disorders with the most impactful data in mind. As the only comprehensive data storytelling platform, mySidewalk's platform empowers you to analyze, visualize, and share data effectively, enabling a deeper understanding of substance use disorders and their impact on individuals, families, and your community.

In our recent publication, Understanding, Analyzing, and Addressing Substance Use Disorders with mySidewalk's Data Storytelling Tools, we dive into the significance and impact of substance use disorders, highlight the urgent need to address addiction as a critical aspect of mental health, and the ongoing opioid crisis. We’ll also explore the intersection of SUDs and mySidewalk's data storytelling solutions. Request your free download below.

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