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Empowering Change Through Data: The Indian River Community Foundation's Path to Community Transformation

In the world of community development, the need for informed decision-making is paramount. For the Indian River Community Foundation (IRCF), the journey towards enhancing community impact through data-driven initiatives has reshaped their approach to philanthropy. By implementing the …

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Better data means bigger wins: Wauconda Fire District receives $1.2 million with the help of Fire Performance data

Setting yourself apart from every other grant applicant is getting more and more difficult. Especially in the fire service industry. While data and hard numbers go a long way to make your case, community data offers another, deeper lens into the lives we work every day to protect.

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Navigating Vaccine Hesitancy in Kansas City

Imagine waking up one morning after years of serving the public dutifully to find protestors outside your house calling you a traitor, a despot, a fascist, or worse. Imagine needing armed escorts to walk to your car after work, or seeing your children’s personal information splashed a …

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Four Ways Press™ Dashboards Can Help Launch Your Next Big Idea

Four ways to use Press

Initially, mySidewalk customers come to us with a pressing problem. Maybe two. And often, our suite of easy-access tools quickly provides a solution to those problems. Though, here's the thing– there is so much more that comes after those initial problems are solved. Consistently usin …

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