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The Places that Shape Us: a Changemaker Profile


At mySidewalk, we have the honor of supporting changemakers all over the country. In this article, we highlight one of those unique champions who inspire us: Nicole Augustine. She's a Public Health advocate, master storyteller, and an all-around joy to know.

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Evolving With Our Customers: The New CHA Solution

Four years ago, the team at mySidewalk faced a new challenge: how to make Community Health Assessments (CHAs) sing. We didn’t literally want them to sing (we do love karaoke, but maybe not in this situation), but we wanted them to be as interesting and engaging as our Community Health …

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How CRAIG 1300™ Can Help Your Organization Win Federal Grants

In a dream world, if money were no object, how would you improve your community?

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Generating Affordable Housing Insights for the State of Nebraska


The Ask When the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA) approached our team, they were at a crossroads. Data tables living on the website were freely available for nonprofit housing organizations, developers and local community stakeholders to sift through, but the clunky number …

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The Perfect Fit: HUD Low-Mod Data in mySidewalk


mySidewalk added HUD Low- and Moderate-Income data to our platform. This data is a critical component of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) applications, and helps housing and community development practitioners see where low- and moderate-income populations are located in their …

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Home is Where the Heart Is

Take a drive through pockets of any city, and you will see them. You may avert your eyes because you know what they mean. You may mistakenly attribute it to a massive spring cleaning effort.

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GoDaddy's Venture Forward Collaborates with mySidewalk to Create Microbusiness Impact Report

We're excited to announce a new partnership with GoDaddy Venture Forward! Through this work, mySidewalk subscribers can generate customized reports that tell the story of small businesses wherever they live.

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Three CRAIG 1300™ Data Indicators to Help Reduce Risk in Your Community


Whether you're a city official or a public safety leader, your community is bound to have risks. In fact, most communities contain multiple dangers or hazards that can negatively affect its citizens. But there are also many ways to reduce potential problems and spot patterns. As Will …

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How to Leverage Community Data for COVID-19 Response

Each month, mySidewalk hosts a webinar in partnership with the National League of Cities. In April, we focused on how Public Health departments can leverage community data to respond to COVID-19 in their communities. We were fortunate to have guest speakers from both Maricopa County ( …

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Taking Creativity Home After an Event


Years ago, I’d hit a wall in the work I was doing with fire data. I wanted to create new applications, visualizations, and educational materials around fire safety, but I just couldn’t think of anything. I started researching ways to brainstorm more ideas and stumbled across Tina Seel …

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The People Behind the Data



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The Loneliness Epidemic in America


The COVID-19 pandemic is a collective trauma on a global scale. In a matter of weeks, our lives were upended. We bunkered down in our homes, many of us expecting to be back in the office or classrooms in a few weeks. There was fear of the disease, of course, but there was also isolati …

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3 Ingredients You Need in a Successful Community Health Assessment


Community Health Assessments (often fondly referred to as CHAs) have a reputation as dense, dry, and overwhelming. On my first day as Deputy Director of the Kansas City, Missouri Health Department, I walked into my new office to see a two-inch thick printed report on my desk. The CHA …

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Brighter Days Ahead: Celebrating Public Health


The Vikings were master boat makers — their boats were able to withstand the seas because the wood they chose was flexible. When the winds shifted, and the outlook turned dangerous, the wood of the Viking ships didn’t stay rigid. The wood bent.

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Putting the "Community' Back into the CHNA

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Fund Health Equity and Target Grants by Visualizing Community Data


Voices for Healthy Kids®, an initiative of the American Heart Association, works with mySidewalk to leverage community data in its grantmaking process. Voices for Healthy Kids accomplishes its mission to improve or create equitable policies that make the places kids live, learn, and p …

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Paving the way for new investment with The Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act

Infrastructure week is finally here. How will it change transportation planning? Last month, President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law. The legislation provides a significant boost to infrastructure funding levels, adding $550 billion in new spending o …

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Better data means bigger wins: Wauconda Fire District receives $1.2 million with the help of Fire Performance data

Setting yourself apart from every other grant applicant is getting more and more difficult. Especially in the fire service industry. While data and hard numbers go a long way to make your case, community data offers another, deeper lens into the lives we work every day to protect.

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CRAIG 1300™: User Stories Inspire Teams Nationwide to Leverage Data for Effective Community Risk Reduction

CRAIG 1300™ has been a long time coming for both the industry and our partnership with NFPA. After nearly three years of research and development and pilot testing, we made sure that the insight generator would make real differences for community efforts toward risk reduction.

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Navigating Vaccine Hesitancy in Kansas City

Imagine waking up one morning after years of serving the public dutifully to find protestors outside your house calling you a traitor, a despot, a fascist, or worse. Imagine needing armed escorts to walk to your car after work, or seeing your children’s personal information splashed a …

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Four Ways Press™ Dashboards Can Help Launch Your Next Big Idea

Four ways to use Press

Initially, mySidewalk customers come to us with a pressing problem. Maybe two. And often, our suite of easy-access tools quickly provides a solution to those problems. Though, here's the thing– there is so much more that comes after those initial problems are solved. Consistently usin …

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